Ogun at 46: Abiodun Identifies Peace and Unity as Major Achievements

Ogun State governor, Dapo Abiodun, has identified unity and peace as major achievements of the State since its creation 46 years ago and appealed to the people of the state to keep living in peace and harmony, and continue to work for strong and indivisible Gateway State.

Governor Abiodun who stated this in a statement through his Chief Press Secretary, Kunle Somorin congratulated the people on the 46th anniversary of the state and urged them to use the occasion of the anniversary to pray for the development and progress of the state.

“We are one people with great potentials and we must continue to be united for a common purpose.

“Let us eschew acts capable of breaching the peace our state has been enjoying, as there won’t be development in an atmosphere devoid of love, peace and security.

“We must continue to live as one, love one another and be our brothers’ keepers. We must also learn to manage our diversities and turn it into our strength.

“Our diversities should be our source of strength. We have over 10 sub-ethnic groups in Ogun State, this is a diversity that we must continue to harness as our rallying point for the betterment of our dear state”, the statement quoted the governor to have stated.

Governor Abiodun however warned those fanning the embers of discord to have a rethink, reiterating his administration would not fold its arms and allow unscrupulous elements to retard the progress Ogun has recorded in the last 31 months.

He further enjoined visitors and investors in Ogun to mix freely with the people and enjoy the hospitality of the Gateway State while going about their legitimate businesses and lawful duties.

“Our people are very accommodating; all visitors and investors in our dear state have no reason to entertain fears. And as attested to by President Muhammadu Buhari, our state is among the most peaceful states in the country, please feel at home.

“Ogun State is home to all; our indigenes of diverse backgrounds, visitors from neighbouring states, people from across the Niger, and the generality of Nigerians as well as foreigners.

“In Ogun State, we live as one indivisible people and we must continue to live as one despite our cultural, religious and political differences. We have a duty to show the younger generations how our oneness and togetherness has given us a better understanding of our diversities. There lies the essence of our Administration’s Building of Future Together policy”, Abiodun submitted in the statement.

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