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BRIEF: NTA Abeokuta is best described as a realization of Nigerian Television Authority’s expansion designed to reach more viewers particularly to identify with the people of Ogun State and its neighboring state, the station’s primary coverage area through a 490metres Aerial Tower.  It started transmission on October 17, 1979 under Decree 27 establishing the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA. The main Office complex are located at Ogbe while the transmission station is at Egunya Hill (second highest point in Abeokuta), which is 600ft above sea level, from which point its signals get to the cosy comfort of the viewers

NTA through its programmes, seek to influence societal values profoundly and in so doing, improve and strengthen the social, cultural, economic, political and technological fabric.

The strength of NTA Abeokuta is its jealously guarded attachment to the principles of professionalism and global media best practices, especially the principle of fairness which has endeared the station to all and made its slogan – “Solid As the Rock” the toast of everyone.

VISION: To be the best television station in the south –west, in accordance with world standard

MISSION: To provide quality, informative, educative and entertaining programmes for our catchment area as well as promote Nigeria’s cultural norms and values with a view to uniting our various people.

HISTORY:  The History of NTA Abeokuta is a recall of fulfillment, success and celebration since the channel 12 signal hit the waves on October 17, 1979.

In 2001, the station replaced the analogue transmitter with a 5kilowatt modern transmitter to commence the digitization mandate of the authority, in time with the current global trends.

The first crop of staff that kick started operations were on secondment from the famous Old WNBS  – WNTV  and NTA Ibadan the custodians of the TV broadcast culture in Nigeria.

History records NTA Abeokuta as the best in drama production during the 80s. Titles like Ireke Onibudo, Agbo meji, No paddy for Jungle etc, ruled the entertainment arena at this period paving ways for the emergence of stars like Lere Paimo (Edaonileola) , Jimoh Aliu, Dele Odule, Jide Kosoko, Tunde kelani, Akin Ogungbe, Kenny Ogungbe and a host of others. Event at that programmes like NEWS IN BRIEF and alter later Channel 12 News, OUR QUEST, Weekend Delight,IROYIN, Egbe ye wo, Issues and Views, People Places and Events. Frankly Speaking, ELa L’oro, Alejo Wa, Eleti ofe, were master pieces in the tube in content and presentation. They aggregated the attraction of NTA Abeokuta to a large number of viewers and awards: NIFETEP, TELEFEST, STATE GOVERNMENT, CORPORATE, COMMUNITY AND NBC

Indeed, the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC declared the station as the “the most preferred” in Abeokuta for the year 2007. That award assessment is a mirror reflecting  the excellent panache of such programmes like Channel 12 News, Frankly Speaking, Se e wa, Flavours, Actors of Democracy, ki le feel, Whenuho, Healthy Living.

NTA Abeokuta is blessed with another generation of committed professionals who are behind its present operations and continued integrity even in the face of challenges.



This is the backbone of the station providing technical support from field to transmission. The department is in charge of the maintenance of all facilities and provides technical and engineering services for the sustenance of the station and protection of the staff as well as the environment.


Provides Information, education and entertainment with unwavering sense of social responsibility reflected in its absolute commitment to accuracy and fairness. The News and Current Affairs Department is the flagship of the station. It has earned so much respect and awards over the years.


This department is in charge of the production and support services for all programmes on our channel. It is a home of talents and many awards have complimented its great strides.


The sustenance and subsistence of the station depend on this department. It sells our products to make money for our operations and survival.


This department keeps our books and superintends our finances and auditing of accounts


This department is in charge of personnel, discipline, welfare and promotion. It is also in charge of estate and property. In a manner of speaking, it is the “Landlord”.


  1. FLAVOURS:  Half hour magazine targeting the family, youth, adult and socialites. It has segments like star splash, guest corner, nature’s therapy plus class and style segment.  The nature’s therapy is guided by a professor of forestry who highlights the beneficial uses of plants, fruits etc to man. The guest corner features celebrities including musician, actors and actresses. Star Splash is a short documentary on a local and foreign artiste of no mean repute. Class and Style features outfits and products. Flavours command a large viewership.
  1. FRANKLY SPEAKING: This a news discussion programme that takes on topical issues across human endeavors on weekly basis. Duration is extended on special requests. Target audience is general but mainly the programme is attractive to the elites
  1. HEALTHY LIVING:  A half hour interview with focus on the prevention and cure of diverse ailment as well as other health issues. It targets the family and the adult with medical doctors and other health professionals as resource persons. The strength of this programme is its visual illustrations that enhance understanding


  1. Goodevening NTA,as one who acknowledges the impact you are making in Nigeria’s media industry,it will be a great honour if i am able to serve in your station as a corper.Thank You and please continue the good work

  2. Congratulations on the many achievements recorded by your Station. We have been following your progress with keen interest and wish to identify with these successes. Indeed, you are one of the shinning stars amongst others in the NTA staple. Please keep up the good work. Kudos@Antigha Hogan-Principal Admin Uyo/ Ag OIC NTA Eket🏆🏆🏆✔️

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