Religious manipulation, reasons for disunity, conflict – Onyeama

Geoffrey Onyeama, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the major reason for the insecurity challenges in Nigeria is religious manipulation targeted at the gullible ones to perpetuate conflict and disunity in the country.

The Minister stated this during a national policy roundtable on the network of policymakers to support reconciliation, peace and security on Monday in Abuja.

The event was organised by the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), in collaboration with International Center for Inter-religious; Intercultural dialogue, and Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

According to him, the communal lifestyle of Africans is largely expressed in religious beliefs, which facilitate solidarity, togetherness, love and the promotion of other values that are central to our human ecosystem.

But regrettably, religion and communal living are painted as fundamentals that are inimical to peace, security and development.

“The political history of post-independent Nigeria is awash with tragic instances of violent conflicts and acrimony.

“And this is as a result of the manipulation of religion, and other identity markers amongst ourselves.

“These acts of manipulation have resulted in structural, physical, psychological violence that has manifested itself in the destruction of lives and properties, a mass displacements of people and other humanitarian crises, destitution, the rising rate of poverty and ethno-religious suspicion, fear and so forth.

“It has been absolutely disastrous for us as a people, the manipulation of religion, false manipulation of religion, if we look at all the religions they all preach peace and love.

“But we discovered that there are always individuals who find ways of manipulating religion to create conflicts” Onyeama said.

He also noted that religious manipulation is nothing new to Nigeria, for as long as mankind is on this planet, they claim to be enlightened.

“We claim that in the 21st century that we are enlightened and a higher level of species on this earth.

“But yet for some reasons, we cannot get beyond some of these prejudices and constantly fall prey to those who choose to manipulate religion, and other differences to cause disunity and conflict.

“Nigerians cherished faiths, and indeed, the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has recognised its enormous relevance in the promotion of the cardinal principles and objectives of the state.

Onyeama also said that institution of religion has served as a platform for the conception and implementation of public policies and programmes and for mobilisation of citizens participation in governance and decision making processes.

“Without a doubt, religion has contributed to place in Nigeria in an advantageous position in the comity of nations.”

In his remarks, Dr Bakut Tswah Bakut, the Director General, IPCR, also urged religious leaders to engage themselves in influencing policies that would positively support reconciliation, peace and security in Nigeria.

“More efforts should be made to promote understanding of the basic tenets of faith among the adherents at all levels of religious hierarchies.

“And we believe that teaching the citizens about unity, love for one another and peace in various places of worship will go a long way in curbing insecurity.

”The institute and its partners will also drive the process of promoting interfaith dialogue and peace building in Nigeria,” Bakut said. (NAN)

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