Peter Obi Gets PDP Presidential Nomination Forms

•Groups pledge 10m votes for his cause •As senatorial aspirant charges Dickson to respect zoning

The 2019 vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi, has obtained the expression of interest and nomination forms to vie for the presidential ticket of the party in next year’s election.

The forms were procured for him on Thursday at the national secretariat of the party in Abuja, by a group of professionals going by the name “Like Minds for Peter Obi.”

Speaking at the occasion, the leader of the group, Ekene Nwakuche, explained that they picked the forms for the former Governor because they consider him the best person to bail Nigeria out of its present socio-economic predicament.

He said the group is made up of non-partisan individuals from across the country who believe in the ability of the former governor to deliver.

Nwakuche remarked: “Like minds for Peter Obi. We don’t belong to any political party. We’re just a group of young Nigerian professionals that feels that the way the country is going, the country is not going in the right direction and we need someone, a technocrat, a seasoned technocrat that can steer the affairs of the country in the right direction, and cut down the cost of governance.

“Because we believe that if we cut down the cost of governance, the country would move in the right direction. And we’ve been following, we are different individuals in the group, professionals, businessmen, public servants, a different category of contractors, artisans, we have members from everywhere in Nigeria, we’re fully represented.

“So, we want the country to move forward. We think Peter Obi can steer it forward and we believe in him because we’ve seen what he did in Anambra when he was a governor. And we have heard him talk, he has the wealth of experience to lead Nigeria to the promised land.

“We’re not in this thing because of any gain. We’re doing it because of our children to come. Because if we don’t get it right this time around, this 2023, I don’t know where we’ll be. Each and every one of us here knows how the country is and we want a better Nigeria. And I believe that if you’re from Nigeria, be it from the north, south, east, west, and you know, you want a better Nigeria, I don’t think there’s any other person that you’ll support than Peter Obi.

“So, we’re buying the form from our group, the Like Minds. And because we know he’s a member of the PDP, that’s why we’re buying the form under the party, People’s Democratic Party, which is his party where he belongs. And we pray that the PDP will support him and by the grace of God, we pray that he will scale through the primaries and fly the flag of the PDP.”

Another group, Take Back Nigeria, which is part of the Like Minds, has promised to mobilize 10 million votes for the former governor if he gets the ticket.

“So, if PDP gets it right and picks Peter, we know that we will deliver Nigeria to you. And we prayed that he will lead us to the promised land.

“The Nigerian dream we’re all looking for can be achievable and the only person that we believe that can give us the Nigerian dream is no other person than His Excellency Mr Peter Gregory Obi,” Nwakuche, informed.

Also at the national secretariat of the PDP to pick forms, was a Taraba State Governorship aspirant Senator Joel Ikenya, who said he understands the problems of the stage and how to solve them.

He said: “I have served myself at various levels and the experienced that I have gathered so far, I have exposed myself to a certain level that I know what is really the problem of my state and the problems of my people.

“I think with the credentials I have, my level of education and appointments, I’m more qualified to be a governor in my state taking into cognizance of those that are running with me.

“It is not about credentials alone, it’s about who you are and what you are to the people.”

Similarly, a Bayelsa West Senatorial Aspirant, Donald Daunemigha, who also picked his forms on Thursday, challenged the incumbent Senator Seriake Dickson to respect the existing zoning arrangement that puts his local government in line to produce the next Senator.

He argued: “Because we have an existing zoning arrangement that is supposed to bring the senatorial seat to my local government, I was asked by a wide spectrum of the people of the local governments to run this election, and that is why I have obliged and after seeking the face of God decided to take this giant leap.

“And so, we believe that it is time for us to respect what the people say, midwifing of the zoning. It was Dickson that enforced the zoning in the last elections.

“My brother, former deputy governor flew the flag of the APC, we defeated him in his ward. That was a testament to the fact that this zoning was respected.

“But as I said, a few people from my local government are singing his praises. And he decides that, okay, he has the power to do whatever he wants to do. At this point in our democratic history, we have passed the stage where any one individual can think they can decide for the people.”


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