Ogun Announces further measures to combat COVID – 19

Ogun State Government, Monday, announced new measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The decisions were taken after the daily review of developments at a meeting chaired by the Incident Commander, His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, MFR, Governor of Ogun State. Besides the lowering of the threshold of people who may gather in one place at a time from 50 to 20, the Government wishes to further state that:


All heads of State Ministries, Departments and Agencies and Local Governments are to draw up rosters that would ensure that not more than 20 percent of staff across all cadres work daily, thus ensuring that most staff come to work once a week. Health Workers, Fire Service and Ogun State Emergency Management Authority (OGSEMA) are exempted from this arrangement. Also, all teachers in Public Primary and Secondary Schools are to proceed on their vacation immediately.

All Government offices, irrespective of where they are, are to maintain social distancing, provide hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities, among other hygiene measures, at all times.


Visits to all Government offices are hereby put on hold until further notice, except those that are COVID-19 solution related and emergency situations only.


Banks, Telecommunications and other similar service providers that offer services in hubs and or bays are required to ensure that not more than 20 clients are in their service areas at a time. Social distancing must be maintained between those who will be on the queue or waiting halls by at least five feet between clients. Those outside the halls should maintain similar standards of social distancing.
This rule applies to all Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Points, where operators must also provide wipes, hand-washing facilities and sanitisers for seamless use by clients.


The leadership of all gated markets, shops and malls have been engaged and are hereby reminded that entry controls should be maintained to ensure a maximum of 20 people could congregate at each trading point at every point in time within the markets or shops. For open markets, the leadership is also enjoined to work with the State Task Force and their Local Government counterparts are to ensure that the social distancing of five feet is maintained as well as maximum of 20 persons density in the markets.

In addition, market leaders are directed to draw up rosters of various market or product groups to open and sell their wares in rotation whilst this order lasts.


• All Taxi cabs are directed to carry not more than THREE passengers at once; with a maximum of two at the back

• Tricycles are to carry a maximum of TWO passengers at the same time

• Motorcycles (popularly called okada) are limited to ONE passenger and the rider must use nose mask

• Buses are limited to TWO persons per row while standing, squatting, lapping or hanging are not allowed at all.

• All unions at all intra/interstate motor parks in the state are to ensure that temperature of drivers, conductors and passengers is taken and those above the threshold are not allowed to drive or travel.

• Drivers and conductors are to wear hand gloves and nose masks through the duration of trips.
These measures apply to all vehicles, irrespective of the ownership or use (commercial, private or company). Indeed, it is advisable that windows of vehicles are wound down to allow free air circulation, when in use, with minimal use of air-conditioners, unless where it becomes absolutely inevitable.


In furtherance of the State’s measures to combat the virus, the government has directed all the Local Government Chairmen to identify suitable facilities such as event / social centres, school halls, community halls, in their respective areas that could be easily prepared and deployed as COVID-19 treatment facilities in the unlikely event of a surge in the corona virus cases in the State.


The attention of the government has been drawn to the fact that that some religious organizations conduct service on Friday and Sunday. This is unacceptable.

Although, the leadership of the religious organisations involved had apologised to the government and people of the State for the overt indiscretion and promised to observe all measures associated with the fight against COVID-19 henceforth, government wishes to reiterate its commitment to public safety through various measures, including the enforcement of the ban on high-density gathering.

Henceforth, any group of more than 20 persons that congregate in the name of any meeting – spiritual or secular – shall be visited with the full wrath of the law. The State Task Force has been mandated to ensure full and total compliance.

COVID-19 is a raging pandemic that is threatening global peace and safety. As a responsible Government, we cannot take chances. The government enjoins all to note that the task of combating the pandemic is a joint one and, once again, seeks cooperation of all stakeholders and the citizenry.

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