NBC backs MCSN’s new app

THE National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has backed the Musical Copyright Society Nigeria Ltd/Gte (MCSN) in the deployment of the copyright monitoring app, GoCreate Africa.

The assurance was given by Dr. Onoja, a director, who stood in for the Director-General of the commission when MCSN hosted stakeholders to a meeting to introduce and demonstrate the workings of the app.

In his reaction after the presentation, Dr. Onoja of NBC said the development of the app was a commendable effort and assured MCSN of the commission’s support. He advised MCSN not to forget the creators at the grassroots in the deployment of the app.

“I want to thank you (MCSN) for this great effort. The commission is prepared to work hand in hand with you for its deployment. We are interested in the protection of artists’ works because we believe musicians are entitled to profit from their intellectual property, which is why we always collaborate with the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC). In the NBC code creators of intellectual property are protected. We want to appeal to you that in the deployment of the App don’t forget those at the grassroots” Dr. Onoja said.

In his contribution, the chairman of the board of MCSN, Orits Williki, urged broadcasters to respect their copyright obligation to creators.

“MCSN has given broadcasters the cheapest copyright tariff deal in the world, yet most broadcasting stations have refused to fulfill their copyright obligations to creators of intellectual property. They better start performing their copyright obligations before MCSN comes after them” Williki warned.


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