Transportation ministry activates biometric system

The Ministry of Transportation has activated a biometrical system that will help boost the productivity of staff of the ministry.

The Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Dr Magdalene Ajani, who inaugurated the system on Wednesday, urged the staff to ensure their best to render efficient service to the country.

According to Ajani, as from June 1, every staff is expected to clock in and out of the office using the system.

“What we have just done is to commission a digital clocking system. We are just leveraging on technology.

“For us, it is not about looking at the punitive measures but more to look at the positive contributions to productivity at work that this system is going to bring to bear for every one of us.

“On a normal day, in the civil service we have what they call the time register where you have to sign in and sign out, but we are now using the digital register to take note of when we come into office.

“This is important in measuring our productivity at the Ministry of Transportation and it will help us solve a lot of problems, particularly for the Human Resource Department.

“You don’t need to ask questions as to how many staff were present in the office in any department.

“At the click of the mouse, the DHRM can see exactly what is going on,  see the number of people who are even on sit in terms of when they came in and when they leave the office,’’ Ajani said.

According to the permanent secretary, the system will also help in boosting security at the ministry.

She said “beyond productivity, it is also useful when you look at the security aspect. You will know who was where, at what point in time and all.

“This is in addition to other security devices and apparatus we have in the Ministry. But talking in house, who is inside the building, we can actually look at that from the system.

“Although, you need it to check truancy, but more importantly we need it to look at the productivity of our staff.’’


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