Nigerian Idol: 17 talents make next round as theatre week begins

After four weeks of auditions, 17 talents made the next round as the Nigerian Idol theatre week kicked off.

The theatre week began with the 68 lucky contestants battling for a chance to become the next Nigerian Idol.

In the fifth week, the contestants were paired into groups to see who would showcase real talent and not just an audition wonder. Out of the 68 contestants that made it into theatre week, and 39 to the group selection, only 17 contestants progressed to the next round.

As expected, some of the contestants were outstanding and progressed into the next round, while it was the end of the road for others.

The 68 contestants were grouped according to their voices and trained to perform as a group for the judges.

The much tougher group selections saw contestants putting in their best to work with teammates while retaining their star power.

The group stage featured an amazing array of songs from Burna Boy’s Wonderful to Teni’s Billionaire.

For the theatre week, the judges did not just assess the voices of the contestants, they also looked out for the ability to maintain composure on stage and teamwork.

Star, however, did not get the memo. She expressed her dislike for her teammates as soon as she was grouped. And when Comfort, unfortunately, forgot her lines on stage, she let it get to her and her performance was underwhelming. Luckily, the team had Agbutun to hold the bar, and he did a marvelous job.

While some let the pressure get to them and forgot their lines, others like Godwin recovered quickly and gave a beautiful performance. Some contestants were also victims of their teammates’ flaws and others were trying to outdo their teammates forgetting that teamwork was also being graded.


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