Five popular songs of late Sound Sultan

Musician Olanrewaju Fasasi aka Sound Sultan, who died on Sunday at 44, was one of the few superstars who spoke for the masses with music.

He spoke out against corruption, oppression, poverty, bad governance, and social injustice with songs. Some of them include:

1. Mathematics

He sang about societal issues, bad education, corruption, incompetence and poverty. He challenged and criticised political leaders.

In this song, he defined the term BODMAS in his own term

B stands for Brotherhood
O stands for Objectivity
D stands for Democracy
M stands for Modification
A stands for Accountability
S stands for Solidarity

2. Ole

He said in this track referring to the masses as Bushmeat and Nigeria politicians as hunters. it goes as ” One day bush meat go cash the hunter”

3. Motherland

He placed emphasis on returning home for the travellers which have one way stuck on finding green pastures. No matter where you go, don’t forget your homeland, which is Nigeria.

4. Naija Jungle

Naija jungle relates to the love for his country and fight against politicians’ oppressions.

5. 2010

In this track, ” he said 2010 don show”, what about the light the govt promised.
He wishes to show his people to promise land and be like Moses but those who tried it have been 6ft down.”

Moments like this just make one wonder whether life itself is worth it.


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