Diamond Jubilee: Nigeria will triumph, say Amosun, Eyakenyi

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Sen. Ibikunle Amosun (APC-Ogun), and Sen. Akon Eyakenyi (PDP-Akwa-Ibom South), have said that Nigeria will triumph in all efforts geared at realising its developmental potential.

The Senators stated this while speaking with newsmen in Abuja on Thursday as the nation celebrated 60 years of independence.

Amosun said that “as an incurable optimist” he was certain Nigeria would succeed in spite of its challenges.

Amosun, who represents Ogun Central Senatorial District and a former governor of Ogun, said: “for me, I’m an incurable optimist; I know, yes, we have our challenges, but ultimately we are going to triumph, we are going to have a Nigeria of our dream.

“Of course the foundation has been laid now.

“I argue this any time I have the opportunity to say this, I will mention it, yes, clearly we are not where we should be but I can safely say, confidently too, that now the building blocks for development have been laid now.

“So, and I’m sure we are going to get there,” he said.

“Well, however, I will like to say that it is twist and thorns, what I call sweet and sour. There are some downs and certainly we’ve had, for me, many ups than downs.”

While acknowledging some of the challenges being faced by the country, the lawmaker said that “I think if truth must be told, it’s more from us the elites really.

“For me, average Nigerian see themselves as one, you won’t even know who is a Muslim or Christian.

“I remember growing up and in school we don’t even know the difference between both.

“So, I think it’s more from people like we are, the politicians, the elites that tend to dwell more on what divides us than may be concentrating on those things that unite us.”

“Well I have said it, and fortunately when President Muhammadu Buhari came on board, he did mention that he was going to focus on three key areas.

“Of course security, fighting corruption and this our economy, huge unemployment, and that he was going to address them.

“I know that nothing good can come out of insecurity really.

“Security is very key, yes we have challenges, serious challenges in the area of security but as they will say, problem identified is half solved.

“We have all identified that yes, we have these security challenges, just like what I said again, all hands must be on deck.

According to him security cannot be fought by just one arm of government or only the government that should fight security.

“No, even in all those what I call advanced climes, you will see that everybody is part of the security.”

Amosun further called for togetherness in the fight against insecurity.

Also, Sen. Akon Eyakenyi (PDP-Akwa-Ibom South) said that there was every reason for Nigeria to celebrate at 60.

“Do we have any cause to celebrate 60 years of Nigeria; well, for every situation, God says give thanks.

“Whether it is bad or good, you must have a reason to give thanks unto God. So on that basis, I will say yes, Nigeria is worth celebrating in 60 years.

“Nigeria, yes, the giant of Africa, as I was born to come and see, has gone through levels, different levels, from low level to higher level, to the highest level and then dropped.

“There is hope for the nation that it will rise again.

“As a person I will say yes to your question that we have every reason to say Nigeria should be celebrated. For now, we are still one, and that I believe God will be one with us,” the lawmaker said.(NAN)

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